Check Ingredient Lists for Palm Oil

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about palm oil and its harmful effects not only on our health, but also the environment.

Firstly, palm oil is extracted from the fruit of the palm tree. It represents 25% of the oil consumed worldwide, making it the most consumed oil in the world! It is mainly used in food and cosmetics industries, and is also found in other everyday products such as toothpaste.

Although very widely used, this oil is high in saturated fat. Many health professionals believe that foods containing palm oil increases our levels of “bad” cholesterol (saturated fatty acids), and therefore increases our risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Besides not being the best for our health, palm oil cultivation is a major cause of deforestation and habitat loss.

Even though more and more industries are looking for methods to reduce levels of palm oil, many common foods, especially packaged foods, still contain it: biscuits, jams, candy, crackers, packet soups, etc. Many products that use palm oil aren’t clearly labeled and can appear under many names. For a comprehensive list, check out the link below.

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Which Everyday Products Contain Palm Oil?

To earn 50 ekopoints, choose 3 packaged foods that you regularly buy and check the ingredient lists for palm oil. As palm oil can appear under many names, click on the link above for a comprehensive list. Tell us which of the 3 products contain palm oil.

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