Share Your Anti-Stress Tips

Do you ever feel stressed?

First of all, feeling stressed by the vagaries of our lives (death, divorce, redundancy, etc.) is normal. A stress can either be “good” (meeting someone important, before going on stage, etc.) or “bad” (chronic anxiety, difficulties, etc.), but when it happens too frequently, stress can become harmful for our well-being, both physically and mentally.

Many scientific studies indicate that stress is an important factor and can even a trigger many health problems such as insomnia, mental illnesses (depression, Alzheimer, etc.), weight loss or gain, as well as heart problems.

According to Health Canada, it is essential that you take the time to manage your stress because it can quickly become troublesome in your everyday life (petulance, errors in judgement, etc.). It is important to find what causes your stress, attempt to manage it, and speak about it with others so that you can find long-term solutions that will help alleviate the situation.

Nevertheless, there are many simple gestures you can do to help manage and reduce your stress. What are your tips?

For more information:

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