Evaluate Your Stress Index

Stress is part of being human. Eliminating all the stress in our lives or preventing stressful situations from arising in the future is impossible. However, stress management is essential for our physical and mental health.

A study by the American Psychological Association revealed that the three most common sources of stress for adults are work, money and health. And its not just adults who are feeling stressed. According to the Centre for Studies on Human Stress, children and the elderly are just as vulnerable and sometimes more vulnerable to the effects of stress.

Being stressed is an integral part of our lives, but surprisingly we are not always aware of it. Recognizing habits, attitudes and signs of stress that can alert us to problems is difficult because they have become familiar to us. The first step to managing stress is to assess the level of it in our lives.

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What is Stress?
Understand Your Stress

To earn 50 ekopoints, fill out this questionnaire to discover your stress index and tell us what your score was. What will you do in the future to manage your stress better?

This challenge is coming soon.

This challenge is coming soon.

Last reports from users

  • My Stress Level

    My score was 8 and it says I have my life under control. I was surprised by my answers to a couple of the questions and I realize I can do more to keep my stress under control. I believe my health pro...

    joyce stem

    16 April 2015

  • Too much stress

    I received a score of 15. I know I have a lot of stress , been stressed for a while, trying to do some changes on the things I have a handle on. I have a lot of external stress I have no say on, so ...

    chris emilien

    10 April 2015

  • My stress index

    My score was 9. There are a number of items I can do to take better control of my stress levels. First off I can become more patient when waiting for people. I can take more time to enjoy the things l...

    Daniel Schell

    30 March 2015

  • I discovered my stress index!

    I took the stress quiz and I was interested to know that I had a low score of 13. The quiz says I am fairly in control of my stress. I am happy to know this as a former stressed person :) I know tha...

    Sabrina Grenier

    27 March 2015

  • My Stress Level

    It says my score is 13 and that I have my life in fairly good control. I feel like that isn't very accurate, as I often feel stressed out. Some of the things I currently do to help minimize stress ...

    Brenda Penton

    18 March 2015

  • My Stress Index

    I scored 22/25 on the Canadian Mental Health Association's "What's your mental health" questionnaire. I knew that I live in a stressful situations, but seeing the score made me realize how bad it is. ...

    Sharlene Mohlman

    16 March 2015

  • My life is in good control

    I got 12 points, saying my life is in pretty good control, so that's not something Im really worried right now, i think i have control over this, just some things I need to pay attention. Our cultu...

    pamela brandao

    16 March 2015

  • My Stress Level

    I got a score of 18 which puts me into the danger zone apparently. I feel like this is mainly due to the busyness of my life working two jobs, not getting time to eat and having a main job which is st...

    Kylie Plester

    13 March 2015

  • Casual

    I scored 4 on the stress test. I am not very stressed at all. I do neglect exercise but I work 2 jobs so have little time to exercise. I don't overeat and I am slow to anger. At work I only get frustr...

    kelsey mccrea

    13 March 2015

  • A bit stressed

    My score was 19 which indicates that I am probably a bit stressed and need to try to stress less. One of the things that I need to do is take more time to relax during my day and I also need to try to...

    Lynn Grant

    13 March 2015

  • Manage my stress

    In the past few years I have been extremely stressed and it caused me to become very sick. The doctors told me that if I do not make big changes in my life then my health would become worse. So I quit...

    Aviva Fuchs

    13 March 2015

  • Stress

    Stress - everyone gets it. What is your stress index? My stress index is 6. I am not too stressed out. In the future i will add relaxation in my day and try meditation techniques. I will try to get mo...

    Anna Mierzwa

    13 March 2015

  • Stress score

    I had a level of 12 and it said I have a pretty good handle on my stress but I could work on some of the habits that cause me extra stress. These habits probably include taking too much on at once, tr...

    melissa emisch

    13 March 2015