Ekodéfi is driven by three core values: a desire for change, sharing best practices, and collective responsibility.

We firmly believe that everyone can make smart choices to be healthier and happier, while conserving our planet’s resources to make the world a better place. How? By sharing these good practices.

This is what drives us at Ekodéfi. The common denominator of our community is, first and foremost, a shared desire for change. We are constantly strengthening and expanding our social marketing and collective intelligence techniques to make this a reality. We also firmly believe you should be rewarded for doing your part.

Every little effort counts and deserves to be heard, shared and rewarded. Whether it’s through challenges, simple gestures (in the Actions section), educational quizzes or diagnostics, you’ll be encouraged to make a difference at your own pace while learning something along the way. And together, we can awaken and nurture the collective responsibility that is in all of us; just imagine the impact we could have when we share our efforts and invite our social media communities to do the same.