Ekodéfi is a rewards program for the earth and your well-being that educates and motivates you to embrace a healthier and greener lifestyle. By offering easy-to-complete health, well-being and green focussed challenges, you can take action, live healthier and be rewarded for it.

Each completed gesture on the site entitles you to ekopoints which can be redeemed for rewards on ekodéfi.com. To accumulate ekopoints, you need to complete challenges, answer quizzes, commit to actions, or complete questionnaires. You can even earn more ekopoints when you share with your friends!

Rewards and ekopoints are offered by participating businesses, or are sponsored by partners who wish to contribute to concrete lifestyle changes for the Ekodéfi community.

The challenges – which can easily be incorporated in your busy, everyday life – are chosen to get you thinking, give you an extra boost of well-being, and help you make smarter choices for you and the planet.

Sign Up

To complete the different actions available and earn ekopoints, you must first register. Registration is free. As a welcome gift, 250 ekopoints will be offered when you register.

Complete Challenges

You can only choose one challenge at a time and need to complete it before taking another challenge. When you select a challenge, you must immediately select the reward you wish to accumulate ekopoints towards. When your challenge is completed, you need to submit a short report (challenge report) to validate your participation and share your experience with our members. The validation criteria differs from one challenge to another. For example, you may need to provide a photo or a copy of a receipt. You may also be required to answer security questions.

Once the Ekodéfi team accepts your report, you automatically receive ekopoints in your ekodéfi account. The validation process can take up to 72 working hours from the time you submit your report.

You have 10 days to complete a challenge and submit your report. After 10 days, the challenge and associated ekopoints will be cancelled. If you don’t complete your challenge within 10 days, it is possible to retake the same challenge.

Explore Other Themes With Quizzes

By responding to a simple one-question quiz, you’ll be educated daily on various topics in the areas of health, well-being and the environment. A correct answer to a quiz earns you 10 ekopoints.

Quizzes are released biweekly. Each quiz is available on the Ekodéfi website for 3 weeks only.

Commit to an Action and Share it With Your Friends

The goal of the actions is to encourage you and your entourage to incorporate small daily gestures that can make all the difference. For every shared action, you can earn up to 5 ekopoints. You simply need to commit to the action, decide if you would like to share it with your friends and invite them to do the same. An instant and educational way to accumulate ekopoints!


Each reward offered on the site is available in limited quantities. If you choose a reward, you need to have sufficient ekopoints to receive it.

Rewards and ekopoints cannot be sold or traded. Ekopoints have no value other than currency exchangeable for rewards on the Ekodéfi site.

Reward Coupon

To receive your reward once you have enough ekopoints, you must present your reward coupon (printed or on your smartphone) in store or enter the ekodéfi reward coupon code if you are redirected to an e-commerce site.

The reward coupon is valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise stated.

Proof of identification may be required. Certain specific conditions (reservation, opening hours, etc.) will be indicated on the coupon.

Accumulating Ekopoints

There are currently four ways to accumulate ekopoints: take a challenge, commit to an action, answer a quiz or complete a questionnaire. Don’t forget, you can earn even more ekopoints just by sharing with your friends.

Every type of gesture you take on the website can benefit you personally and collectively, while contributing to increased well-being, and a cleaner and healthier world. And it’s free!