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Buy Bread From a Local Bakery

What would we do without bread? The only ingredients really needed to make bread is pretty simple: flour, water, salt and a little yeast! However, when looking at the ingredient list of many store-bought breads, the list is much longer and … incomprehensible!

Have you ever wondered what lecithin or glycerine is, for example? These are in fact food additives found in many packaged foods and intended for longer shelf life. Artificial additives are also added to enhance the appearance and texture of foods.

Unfortunately these chemicals can have negative affects on our on health, so we need to be as cautious as possible.The best way to eat bread is when it’s freshly baked without any nasty ingredients. The solution? Neighbourhood bakeries! Not only will you benefit from real ingredients, but the local economy will also get a helping hand.

To earn 75 ekopoints, buy your bread from a local bakery. As evidence, take a photo of your receipt and upload it to us. Just make sure it’s legible!

This challenge is coming soon.

This challenge is coming soon.

Last reports from users

  • The Bread Man

    We love buying our bread from the bakery in our neighborhood! So delicious! I never realized it was so much better for you as well! And it's also so reasonably priced! Last night we had a nice big pot...

    Angela Lim

    23 March 2015

  • Yum

    Local stores are so nice to shop at. The food is always fresh and their ingredients are real things! No preservatives or chemicals. I'm very glad we have a bakery I can go to for treats and bread. Yum...

    kelsey mccrea

    19 March 2015

  • Bread

    So i went to the store recently and bought some bread, then i saw that there was a bread challenge, so i thought  "i can totally do this challenge and earn points". So here it is my receipt!...

    Anna Mierzwa

    16 March 2015