Organize a “Fête des voisins au travail” Event at Your Work

In Canada, 500,000 people are absent from work due to mental health problems everyday. The Canadian Mental Health Association – Quebec Division has initiated “La Fête des voisins au travail” to try to combat this phenomenon.

According to the Association, many studies recognize that social support at the work place is a protective element of mental health. “La Fête des visions au travail” therefore encourages social events between coworkers, department members, industry colleagues or even business associates.

The idea is simple: get to know your colleagues and have a good time with them.

Whether you get together for breakfast, coffee, happy hour, dinner, or a team sport, take the opportunity to have fun outside your usual working environment. You’ll discover shared interests while talking about something other than work! It will make you feel good and help you relax.

By completing this challenge, you can also enter the chance to win the following prize: Win a Chair Massage for Two Months at Work!

To validate the challenge and receive ekopoints, you must participate in a “La Fête des voisins au travail” event or organise one yourself. Take and upload a photo of the party and tell us about your experience!

This challenge is coming soon.

This challenge is coming soon.