Give a Compliment to Someone You Care About

Have you completed our challenge Go Complaint-Free for 3 Days? Did you notice you make negative comments without realizing it…. sometimes complain for nothing? This challenge is an opportunity to throw all that negativity out the window!

March 1 is World Compliment Day. Founded in 2003 in the Netherlands, the aim of this day is to be “the most positive day in the world.” A compliment can sometimes feel somewhat insignificant, but the simple act of recognizing the qualities of a person can be very beneficial.

A study conducted by the Human Science Center has shown that when a person receives a genuine compliment, a dose of dopamine is released in the brain creating feelings of joy, pride, satisfaction and well-being. Furthermore, compliments encourage productivity and self-esteem.

Researchers have also proven we benefit from being givers of compliments; they magnify positivity and those effects bounce right back on us. When we recognize and focus on good qualities, we feel good. You don’t have to be an expert to give a compliment…you just need to be genuine.

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To earn 50 ekopoints, send a genuine compliment to someone you care about. We’ve even made it easy for you: simply accept the challenge, add your personal message and we’ll email the compliment on your behalf!

This challenge is coming soon.

This challenge is coming soon.