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Make a Toy

Do your children sometimes complain their toys are boring? Are you tempted to cave in and head to the nearest toy store to buy new ones?

In Canada alone, the toy industry is worth $287 million! Of course parents want to make their kids happy but unfortunately the toy industry isn’t so kind on the planet. And let’s not forget the health concerns over toxic chemicals found in toys…

Remember that flashy toys don’t necessarily make your child happier. A UK report confirmed what most parents have already known for years: kids actually prefer to play with the box the toy came in! In fact, the Strong Toy Museum has inducted the humble cardboard box into its National Toy Hall of Fame alongside popular choices such as Lego and Mr. Potato Head.

After all, kids just need to be stimulated. So why not make a toy from recycled materials with your children? In addition to being fun, this original (and free), activity won’t harm the environment – or their health. Milk cartons, shoeboxes, paper towel roll … let your imagination run free!

To earn 50 ekopoints, make a toy for a child in your life. Take and upload a photo of the result, and tell us about your experience.

This challenge is coming soon.

This challenge is coming soon.

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    Anna Mierzwa

    2 June 2015

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    Rachel Molcak

    15 April 2015