Have you ever given your time, energy, or skills without expecting anything in return? Without knowing it, you have participated in some form of volunteer work.

According to Volunteer Canada, close to 13 million Canadians did volunteer work in 2013. Why not join them? Volunteering can take on many forms: organization and supervision of events, leadership on boards and committees, distribution of food, coaching children and youth etc.

By volunteering, you not only generate a very positive impact for society, but also for yourself! The sense of accomplishment you will derive increases your self-esteem, and you’ll have the chance to meet people as you develop new passions and skills.

Volunteering opportunities exist for all types of personalities. Take advantage of National Volunteer Week taking place from April 12 to 18 to give back and reap the benefits!

For more information:

Volunteer Canada
Get Volunteering

To earn 50 ekopoints, do an Internet search and tell us what form of volunteering you would like to commit to in the future. What will you do to make this happen?

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    11 September 2015

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