Write Down Your Expenses for 3 Days

For many people, saving money is hard and it’s not just a lack of self-control. Organizing a budget just isn’t a big priority and can seem daunting even though we know we have ongoing expenses, as well as huge debts such as student loans and mortgages that take years to pay off.

According to Mary Hunt, best selling financial author, it is often the small expenses that can make the difference. In other words, we tend to spend large amounts of money on those seemingly pointless purchases of $5 or $10 without realizing it.

There are many tricks that can help us save a few dollars every day that can really add up to a significant amount at the end of the year: walk instead of driving small distances, pack a lunch instead of eating out, etc. Experts highly recommend writing down EVERYTHING that you spend your money on. Reflecting on a long list of insignificant small purchases can really make you think twice before spending your hard-earned cash.

To earn 100 ekopoints, for the next three days take note of all your expenses including the smallest of amounts. At the end of three days, send us your list and tell us if you are surprised by the total amount of your expenses. We won’t publish your list, just your comments on the overall experience.